Fuel Injector Coefficient File

It is very important that the fuel supply to each injector is controlled by the corresponding coefficient file stored in the ECM/EMM memory. 

Each eTec injector has its own flow coefficient file. These coefficient files are assigned at the factory based off of that particular injector's flow rate. These fuel injector calibrations are then loaded onto the ECM or EMM so that it knows exactly how much fuel each injector can flow, and adjusts the open time based on this. Because of this extreme pressure and the design of the pintle the injectors have a great atomization, and extremely consistent flow which is why the eTec has great fuel economy as well as great acceleration thought the power curve.

Evinrude Injector Coefficient
Please submit your request here: https://diag-systems.com/evinrude-skidoo-lynx_injector_coefficient_fileIf you know the 14-digit Serial Number (SN) and the 5-digit Checksum (C..


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