Very important rules about licenses for BUDS2

By purchasing the BUDS2 license you agree to the following terms:

1. Your email address registered with PayPal will be used to register your license for BUDS2.

2. One email can only be used to register one license for only one MPI.

3. One license can only be registered on 3 computers, so carefully read the minimum computer requirements (TAB Computer requirements) before registering a license to avoid useless registrations. 

BUDS2 can be run on less weak computers, but each case is unique. If you are not sure that BUDS2 will work properly on your computer, then HERE you can purchase a minimum BUDS2 license 3-days for one dealer (8 usd only) and check (make tests) if your computer is suitable for working with BUDS2 (the license can be activated on 3 computers).

Cases such as "death" of the computer, reinstalling Windows, formatting the hard disk and other force majeure situations do not affect the limitation on the number of BUDS2 license registrations.

If you need to have more than tree computers with BUDS2, then you will need to buy a new license for more three computers.

For licenses with a duration of 5 and 10 years, there may be exceptions to the rules, but each case will be considered separately, and only if at least 3 years have passed since the first registration.

4. If you have several MPI interfaces and already have one license registered for your PayPal email, then you need to specify the alternative real email in the "Alternative email" field.